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In 2008, he co-starred in an After Dark Horrorfest film, Autopsy.

"We're so thrilled and happy to start a family," the couple said.

Mr Justice Flaux awarded the damages, expected to run into millions of pounds, to "Mr H TV Ltd" - a company owned by Neville Hendricks which produced a series of reality television programmes featuring Andre.

The judge, sitting in London, was scathing about claims made by Andre that he felt physically threatened after his close friend and manager Claire Powell allegedly received death threats from Mr Hendricks at the stormy end of their relationship, which involved "scurrilous and vitriolic" tweets on social media.

Speaking last year, Katie said: "When you divorce you have to share the kids, but with Harvey there is no-one."Look, Dwight (doesn't) want to know...

In 2005 Ross co-starred in the independent drama film Green Street.

He played Kenny Battaglia in the television series, Crash, on the Starz network.

Mueller and Roth, who founded his clinical skin-care company in 1993, have been dating since the summer, after he split with Noreen, who is the managing director of his company.

“Brooke’s mother and stepfather introduced them in June. He enjoys her company and has even visited her in Salt Lake City, where she lives.