Who is david letterman dating now

David and Regina, 56, tied the knot in March 2009 after dating for 23 years.David announcing his son's birth on the in May 2015, his wife and son were both in the audience for his final episode. I love you both, and really nothing else matters, does it? MORE: David Letterman and Jay Leno's Feud — New Book Claims David Was Always "Seething With Unhappiness" Life hasn't always been so sweet for David.Thereafter, Letterman was involved in a 10-year relationship with former In 1994, Markoe spoke to USA Today about the nature of her and Letterman’s unorthodox relationship.“It’s not like Dave and I have no feeling for each other.Since then, not much has been said about the woman behind the controversial man.

Nonetheless, she and the now-retired talking head ultimately worked out their problems.

That was the nature of our relationship, goofing around.” According to ABC News on October 2, 2009, Letterman — when he first started dating Lasko — dished about his then-girlfriend, making it clear that he wasn’t looking to rush to the altar. Harry Joseph Letterman was born on November 3, 2003 and was named after Letterman’s father.

When Henry was 1-1/2, an alleged plot to have him kidnapped was uncovered.

'And now, I feel better about myself, my relationship with my wife is never better, and it's just because I want to be the person I always thought I was and probably was pretending I was. Things have been great.'And I will say - and I'm happy to say - that I think he is the funniest guy I've ever known.

Just flat out, if you go to see him do his night club act, just the funniest, the smartest, a wonderful observationist and very appealing as a comic.