Updating ttk progress bar perl

I am executing a perl script as a part of other bigger code.My perl code opens up a pop up window based on status value (success or failure).This issue is, the script does not continue executing ... I would like to create a Tk application with a MListbox to display some data.I have created a Tcl/Tk GUI interface which displays data, read from a certain text file. Is there a way to update GUI interface without destroying the GUI? I'm trying to install Tk:: Table Matrix on Strawberry Perl 64bit and I get "gmake[1]: *** No rule to make target '..\blib\arch\Tk\p Tk.exists', needed by 'config'. If there is too much information, I would like that a scrollbar appears.Simply double-click the downloaded file to install it.

The listbox can only contain text items, and all items must have the same font and color.

This may be fixed in later versions of Tkinter, so you should make sure that your code is written to handle either case.

Here’s one way to do that: In versions before Python 1.5, use instead of int.

Hi, I'm having trouble getting Tix to work (appologies if the Tkinter list isn'tthe correct place for Tix issues).

I'm guessing that it's a configurationproblem, however I get the exact same failures with Cygwin's Python and Windows Python, on multiple machines.