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It's a pet hyperbole of the Maltese to claim every distinctive phase of adolescence and early adulthood to be "the best time of your life! Leaving school, your first summer job, University and Erasmus - they're all candidates.But sixth form is perhaps the most deserving of the title.For the most part I just didn't think too much about it. When it was finally over, he stood up and said he needed some time alone on the balcony to take in the moment. As the weeks went on I began to see things through a different lens.My juvenile desires were being met, and more importantly, my boyfriend had told me he loved me. We continued to seek out secluded spots and spend our energy on each other. As I lay there feeling cripplingly alone I cursed myself for having been so intimately forthcoming in the lead up to this night. I wasn't weak enough to think I'd brought it on myself, but I did feel like I couldn't tell anyone. Our moments of passion became increasingly sordid and unromantic.For me it was all those things plus a tidal-wave of hormonal impulses cursing through my body at every waking moment. I was lucky enough to know what gender I was attracted to and that's all I needed. We fooled around everywhere - in every public toilet stall, quiet streets, private garages.It was like one long, hazy cloud of intimate discovery. I was certainly not precious about remaining one, but nor did I feel entirely ready to give something away that I could never get back. So I just put it down as a less than ideal first time and moved coverage of today's 2018 World Cup qualifier between England and Malta at Wembley, with Gareth Southgate set to take charge of his first match as manager since replacing Sam Allardyce on an interim basis.

But perhaps the most remarkable result from this year’s peace index, he said, was the extent to which the situation in the Middle East drags down the rest of the world when it comes to peacefulness.It really highlights the impact the Middle East is having on the world.” The index shows that 81 countries became more peaceful in the past year, while the situation deteriorated in 79.Unlike with previous years, however, the IEP noticed a clear trend where the more peaceful countries improved further while the less peaceful countries got even worse – producing what they called greater “peace inequality” across the world.It's a time where you have never been more emotionally up-for-it.Many Maltese adolescents form their most lasting relationships at sixth form. Frankly at that age you're old enough to meet your future husband or wife. He was handsome, he smoked (this was cool back then), he seemed to be friends with everyone, he had gone to school with all my new friends. Back then I thought we had an untouchable chemistry.