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Classified as marine algae, seaweeds are chlorophyll- containing plants without true stems, roots, or leaves that live in the sea or brackish water, often attached to rocks or other surfaces.

And as she returned to work this weekend, Leigh-Anne Pinnock couldn't resist sharing a very loved-up flashback to her getaway with boyfriend Andre Gray.

Despite the painful looking injury, Leigh-Anne kept in high spirits as she continued on with her work commitments as a pop songstress.

A source told Mail Online: 'Leigh-Anne burnt her legs backstage on her vocal steamer.

As a result, they occur in three main color groups—red, green, and brown—which is a handy way of classifying them.

Traditional Chinese medicinal texts as far back as 2700 BCE mention seaweed’s medicinal qualities, including reference to its ability to reduce goiter.