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These days, as more becomes known about Gothard—of what the lawsuit alleges was his almost despotic control over his adherents and of the puritanical, idiosyncratic way of life he prescribed for them—shaken Hinsdale residents regard the benign-looking if somewhat abstruse manor down the street not as just another religious institution but as an organization with a disquieting appellation: the cult in their midst.

In the world beyond IBLP’s doors, news in 2014 that Gothard had resigned caused scarcely more than a ripple—other than in the tight circle of those who track fundamentalist Christian groups.

The suit also takes on IBLP, accusing it of initially covering up Gothard’s actions, which the plaintiffs claim took place “over the course of several decades.” Whatever the outcome of the case, the shroud of anonymity that once served as a kind of shield for IBLP against unwanted attention has been ripped away.

The organization has even tried to make a fresh start by leaving Hinsdale and moving its headquarters to Texas.

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In this way, manufacturing in such food-related industries as meat-packing, canning, and the processing of dairy products has emerged as an important part of the industrial sector in Minnesota.

So when in the state, look out for the industrial barons, management executives and finance professionals who are usually the highest grossers in the manufacturing sector.