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" But Lindsey said the 52 percent threshold is a made-up number. If you have down and you can pay a month, they will accept you," she said.Lindsey confirmed the goal at Mile High Singles is to sign up whoever it can for as much as it can and promise very little in return. Søg imellem pigerne eller klik på en profil og se de frække billeder og læs hvad.

When he got on the database, he says it was under 100 women in his demo. A second customer, who wanted to remain anonymous, told CBS4, “It’s a scam.” A third woman we spoke with, who also wants to remain anonymous, says she too found many “inactive” members."She asked what I'm interested in, what I'm doing ...and I now realize she was finding out my financial situation, which, I'm so naive.Lindsey asked that her last name not be used, but she said her six months with the company from September to March made her nauseous."I quit because it's completely going against my morals deceiving these people, especially people who are so vulnerable," she said.