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After a long day at work, a 20-year-old we'll call Will drives home alone. Or in psychiatric terms, , a kink that, at its core, derives sexual gratification from the thought of one person being eaten by another. "I've had the fetish since before I knew what to do with it," Will told .He walks into his room and turns on his computer, how he usually unwinds. He's been interested in vore for more than 10 years, he said. There's force-feeding and sex that concludes with being eaten. You know what, no one can wake her up from sleep, unless you keep a hot cup with coffee as my mom does all the day. She feels nothing, I kept caressing her breast and it was firm like sponge.

After her biological parents were murdered by human traffickers, she was rescued by Eren and lived with him and his mother and father before the fall of Wall Maria.After discussing college, which Will quit, and how long they'd both been interested in vore, they set a few parameters for roleplaying.Dean would be the predator, a regular college guy who was curiously gigantic compared to the much smaller Will. All of them want to visualize, either through stories or artwork, what it's like to be inside — all the way inside — another person."I had 'strange feelings' seeing certain scenes in movies and such even before puberty."The diverse and virtually endless ecosystem of vore includes themes of . Some of it is playful and includes cartoon ponies about to a human girl — an action that indicates the vore version of "going all the way."Will says he prefers being "prey," and therefore being the target of aggressive, orally fixated predators.