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Since early this summer, Emma Roberts has been strutting her boring, smug, and entitled self around with Chord Overstreet of “Glee.” That is, she’s been doing so while not preoccupied with getting bitchy about nepotism.Still, I’ve got nothing against Emma’s actressing — she was cute and affable a few years ago in , which states that Emma and Zac hung out together at the People’s Choice Awards in January and have just now hooked up at a Hollywood party.They also did backflips off the boat and laughed together, which we saw in some videos that Michelle and their friend Gianluca Vacchi posted over the weekend.

But an eyewitness spotted Emma and star Zac “full-on making out” at an after-hours party hosted by Lance Bass on October 30.

While Zac at first pretended he had attended the fight in New York with the megastar, it was more of a case of a lucky seating arraignment.

Zac joked: 'I was literally with Madonna, I was next to Madonna - in the coolest way possible.'Confessing the real reason they were seated together, he said: 'The seats are named as you get to the center of the ring, they put your name on the seat, and I was ringside so I was really very close to this fight.'I keep getting closer and closer and I wasn't seeing my name, and I knew I was in the front row and then I see several famous people names until I see ''Madonna'', ''Zac Efron'', and I was like ''what?

Zac Efron and Michelle Rodriguez have taken their friendship to the next level during their lavish Italian vacation that kicked off over the Fourth of July weekend.

On Friday, the duo was spotted kissing and showing off PDA on a yacht in Sardinia, but their trip wasn't all about romance.