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Even first-growth Bordeaux lost less than 1 percent (the Liv-ex Fine Wine 50 closed the year down 0.7 percent), and the broader Fine Wine 1000 index rose very slightly (fig.2, below).

In other words, fine-wine prices across the board were pretty flat in 2015, with only three exceptions.

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Sharing the limelight No single category notably pulled ahead of the pack in 2015.

It makes sense that older vintages of Bordeaux should have regained some ground on their more recent, more overpriced counterparts.

These were older Bordeaux, Burgundy, and the "Rest of the World." However, even in these cases, the gains were in the order of less than 3 percent (fig.2).

First published in Issue 51 2016Ella Lister examines the fortunes and failings of the fine-wine auction and secondary markets over the past 12 months After four consecutive years of decline for the Liv-ex 100, 2015 saw the index stabilize.Peer reviewed submissions: Original Research includes biomedical, clinical, educational or policy research that has not been previously published.Articles undergo a peer review process by members of the editorial board and others with expertise in the field addressed in the research.The reason for talking was pictures of the couples that were at the disposal of the French tabloid.The publication also writes that Dmitry is planning in the near future to move to live to the Princess.