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If you have ever tried to explore the online dating market you already know that the range of your opportunities is almost endless.

Dozens of international dating sites cheerfully seduce you with their “unique offers” and “100% guarantees.” But when being examined more meticulously lots of popular dating sites fail to keep the promises given.

We evaluated the market offer and prepared a list of dating sites that provides you with a link to the greatest vendors.

Check out our reviews on the best dating sites and choose the one where your love waits for you!

But you take part in a quiz that helps the service to collect more meaningful data on your personality, interests, and expectations.

These answers allow the service to detect your perfect match – it is so-called Q-matching applied by Cupid.

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Here they are: The site's front page was last accessed by Qirina at UTC on June 6, 2015.

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When you register on the site you fill in a short standard questionnaire and share the basic facts about yourself. Tjxk V— Kathleen D (@Kathleen D) August 24, 2017“I find this similar to when I was a kid someone told me that Simon Lebon’s name was “Mike Hunt” and so I went around school saying ‘I love Mike Hunt’ and even wrote it on my locker.

The internet is an unpredictable yet magical place.

It is also important to have photos from one individual in only one account so that we can properly space them out during voting to avoid bias. Your feedback only comes from honest, respectful voters of the gender and age range you choose.

Photofeeler has separate categories for Business, Dating, and Social photos and 9 traits you can test for.